Hello World…its me Midnight

Its a strange feeling to be typing words on my computer screen with the intent of publishing them. Its weird to be hyper aware that my words will speak to an empty space, simply a moment, a small whisper in the endless tunnel of cyber space…until someone comes across them.

So…Who am I? What do you really need to know about this stranger?

I am Midnight.

Midnight is: the best part of myself – truly.

After spending almost half of 2013 in a grey period of “just getting by” I re-discovered myself. For me, the trigger was as simple as: my hair. That seed may be as trivial and as vain as it gets for many who do not understand, a story to be told outside of my humble intro however, because of my hair journey I can only describe the rest of the year as rich and colourful simply because I made it so. As I continued to push myself, to succeed in school, I soared high above the expectations I had for myself. My drive to re-engage myself completely in life started to redefine my identity and reflected such a positive demeanour that encouraged and inspired others.

By the end of the year I felt like the me that I’d always known…but different. I felt like I was changing for the better – for good – but I wasn’t completely at my destination. To this better half – the growth in me now, the future and the reflection i wish the world to see – i call Midnight.

This is my introduction…

My small whisper into cyber space.

My documentation of my life – the good, the crazy, and the rambles I wish to account for on my blog.




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